All RB dogs are AKC/ABKC Registered

We do DUAL & sometimes TRIPLE register our dogs with the AKC, ABKC, and IOEBA for showing purposes & allowing other breed registry clients to use our Studs, and purchase puppies.

We are, as always, in GOOD STANDING with the ABKC!

At Rare Bulldogs we are AVID AKC supporters, but, AKC & BCA Judges refuse to put up quality color dogs in the show ring even though they are closer to the Breed Standard than the dogs put up over them. I have watched this trend closely for about 5 years now & it is getting worse, not better, to the point that BCA has now changed the breed standard to disqualify our beautiful Rare Colors and Light Eyes.. Sooo...we have decided to go with a world known registry that is the BEST registry out there other than AKC, so that our Quality dogs can get the recognition they deserve. Therefore, most of our CHAMPIONS are ABKC CHAMPIONS.
Rare Bulldogs proudly supports The CBCA! The CBCA sponsors ABKC shows throughout the year. You can contact the CBCA Events Chair Patrick Volpe for information on those shows.
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