Adult Nursery
We will do a background check and check references on all potential new parents. We want our deserving adults in FOREVER, Loving Homes.

  • Spay/Neuter Contract (most are altered before leaving).
  • You must use our shippers for transport.
  • You pay for shipping directly to our shipper, alteration, and transport paperwork.
  • These babies are for PET ONLY. No Breeders!
  • Absolutely NO OUTSIDE living homes!
  • There will be NO PAPERS, & no Guarantee given with these dogs.


Please donate to the Dream Foundation. The Dream Foundation is just like the Make a Wish Foundation for terminally ill children, only this foundation is for adults 18 and over. Please visit the Dream Foundation and donate what you can. Every dollar helps someone to have their dying wish fulfilled. Please visit our DREAM Page HERE.
Male born 5-9-16
Born 5-19-16
Male Born 7-29-14
CHAMPION Triple Crown
Male Born 8-31-15
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