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All RB dogs are AKC/ABKC Registered

We are, as always, in GOOD STANDING with AKC!

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At Rare Bulldogs we are AVID AKC supporters, but, AKC & BCA Judges refuse to put up quality color dogs in the show ring even though they are closer to the Breed Standard than the dogs put up over them. I have watched this trend closely for about 5 years now & it is getting worse, not better, to the point that BCA has now changed the breed standard to disqualify our beautiful Rare Colors and Light Eyes.. Sooo...we have decided to go with a world known registry that is the BEST registry out there other than AKC, so that our Quality dogs can get the recognition they deserve. Therefore, most of our CHAMPIONS are ABKC CHAMPIONS.
YES! AKC does recognize ALL color bulldogs, even the Chocolate, which is a DQ for BCA sanctioned shows.
How to AKC register your Rare Color Bulldog
There are 2 ways to do this.

Please put your dogs color somewhere in the AKC Registered name so as to preserve Rare Color Pedigrees. For example, we have been using our catch phrases now for years: "Blu Dreams", "Chocolate Sensations", "Lilac Passions", "Black Beauty", "Platinum Perfection", "Mini Mites", "Seal Exclusives", & "Marvelous Merles". You could also just put the color in parenthesis at the end of the name like this: (Lilac). Do this especially if you intend to register online and choose a standard color for your dog.
The below instructions are for mailing in.
1. Take 3 photos, 1 of each side, and one from the front, with good lighting so the true colors and markings show up and will print well. Print out the photos in color.

2.Fill out your Registration Form Fully, front and back. HINT: put your e-mail address on the form and you will get a copy of your certificate mailed to you as soon as they process the registration.

3. Write directly on the form where it says color/markings, the descriptive color of your dog. Do not put any color code numbers in on the form. EX for a lilac tri write: gray and white with tan on the face and legs.

4. Include a letter that says: dear AKC, I have included all info per your requirements for alternate colored dogs. Please verify the alternate coloring for this dog/puppy to be registered. Thank You,

5. Make copies of EVERYTHING for your records.

6. Mail all docs to:
American Kennel Club
PO Box 900053
Raleigh, NC 27675-9053
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