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Bulldog Health Article 1: Pet Loss-when to get a new dog

Pet Loss - When to Get a New Dog

After your dog dies, you will go through a period of mourning. Do not let anyone make you feel you are being foolish to act bereaved. You have suffered a genuine loss. Ensure you visit and talk to people who understand your situation. If someone has never had or loved a pet, they will not be able to fully comprehend how or what you feel.

In time, you will be ready to pick a new dog to befriend, a new family member. Do not feel guilty. You are not replacing a beloved dog. You know that is impossible. It is why you should never choose a dog immediately after your loss. Your new dog is a completely different soul. While your dog may have similar characteristics, he or she is not the same dog. You are not attempting to forget your old friends. You are giving a good home to a new one.
You should not get a dog under the following circumstances:

1. Immediately after the death of the old one. You will probably feel guilty. You may not be in the right frame of mind.

2. If the dog looks exactly like your old one. This may be counterproductive. It can be harmful to both you and the new dog. You will expect, even subconsciously the same reactions, behavior and nature. This dog has its own personality. It is not fair to make it live in the shadow of another.

3. Do not go looking for a pet, if you are still sad. Your moods will effect the behavior of the animal. It is hard for a puppy to continue to be happy when you are upset constantly. If you burst into tears every time you see the new dog, you are not ready. It is not a healthy atmosphere for either you or the new dog. Wait until your are through this stage of mourning.

4. The same thing applies if your family is still grieving. It is not fair to the new dog to come into such an atmosphere. In some instances, members of the family may reject the new dog. This is harmful to both you and your family. Wait until everyone is on the same page. You need to welcome the new dog whole-heartedly into all aspects of your life.

5. Do not bring a dog into your home is you are going to consistently compare it to its predecessor. If this dog is a puppy, it is a new and fresh slate. It has its own personality. It has its own characteristics. It will be better in this and worse in that than your former pet. It is NOT a clone. It is not a carbon copy. It is a unique individual. It deserves better than a constant comparison in which he or she always falls short. This dog is not the other dog. He or she will never be the other dog. Until you can accept this fact, do not bring another dog into your home. It is simply unfair to all involved parties.
You will know when you are ready to bring home a new dog and accept him or her totally as an integral part of your life. Do not let anyone push you into it. Move through the grieving process at your own pace. When you are truly ready to embrace the life of a new dog, you will know.
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