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Bulldog Health Article 10: The Toes Have It-Grooming Nails & Feet

The Toes Have It - Grooming Nails And Feet

Grooming is an integral part of dog ownership. It is up to you to ensure your dog looks as well as he or she feels. It is not merely about looks. It is about keeping your dog healthy, socialized and happy. If you groom regularly, you notice any aberrations of skin and coat texture. You can feel bumps and notice small cuts or abrasions.

Many people consider grooming to deal with the body hair. It should also include the eyes and the feet. It is normal that you will need to trim your dog’s nails at some point of his or her life. It is also essential. You make it easier for your self or for the groomer by acquainting them with the process at an early age. In this fashion, the dog will become accustomed to having toe nails trimmed.

Tools Of The Trade

The items you will require for nail clipping are very basic. They are trimmers. This is not as simple as it seems. There are many different types of trimmers from which to choose.
They also come in varying sizes. The three basic kinds are

• The Guillotine - stays sharpest the longest of traditional clippers. It is best for small dog grooming.

• The Scissor - The scissors nail clippers resemble scissors. Some feature a safety stop. This tool stays sharp for a longer time than many clippers. They are easy to use and can cut through various types of nails.

• The Plier - Some claim this is the easiest type of nail clipper to use. It obtains its name from its resemblance to pliers. It comes in sizes suitable for all dogs.

A new addition to the nail clipping scene is the nail grinder. It grinds down the edges of the nails. Some prefer this type of nail clipper. It avoids the somewhat pointy nail tip left behind by the scissor or plier types of clippers. It also gives the groomer better control over the process.

Clippers are not the only tools of the trade. You require several other items to help you perform a safe and effective job. These include a nail file and styptic powder. The latter helps stop the flow of blood if you cut too close to the quick.

Trimming Techniques

It is essential you start trimming your dog’s toe nails when he or she is a puppy. Even if you simply play with the paws and never remove anything but the tip, it introduces the puppy to the concepts. It makes it easier when he or she becomes an adult and the process is carried out on a regular basis.

It is true. Some dogs do not need nail clipping on a regular basis. Some may even spend most of their life without seeing a nail clipper. For those who are not so fortunate, here is some basic information.

1. Hold the paw firmly, but gently in your hand. In your dominant hand, you will have the selected clipper.

2. Place the device on the nail. Make sure it is at the tip. You must ONLY trim the tip of the nail. You must never clip higher up where lies the fleshy part of quick.

3. Work the device quickly over the nail. The faster you do so, the more comfortable the dog will be holding his or her sit or lie position. To ensure speed and safety, ALWAYS use a sharp clipper. Dull ones will crack and damage the nails. You want to avoid this.

4. Once the nail is completed, move on to the next one.

5. Do not forget the dew claws. They require frequent trimming to prevent ingrowing.
It also helps cut down on accidental damage from catching on items.


Nail clipping is part of your dog’s road to health. Make it part of his (or her’s) regiment. It should be a routine affair. If you have any difficulties and/or questions, talk to an expert. In fact, let an expert be the first to cut your dog’s nails. This way, you can see how it should continue to be done.
Content written by Harry Washington of Oh My Dog Supplies, check out our diverse selection of memory foam dog beds online.
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