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Bulldog Health Article 11: Proofing Your Home For Your New Bulldog

You wouldn’t leave hazardous objects lying in the reach of a child, so why would you think it’s okay to do that with a pet bulldog? Bulldogs, especially puppies, are very similar to children: if they can get into something they shouldn’t, they will. Pet proofing your home is extremely important for the wellbeing of your pooch. There are a few simple things you can do to make sure your home is ready for your new bulldog.

You should always have an emergency contact list stored somewhere that’s easily accessible. Create a list specifically for your pet. Important numbers to include are your local poison control, a veterinarian, and an after-hours or emergency veterinary care facility. You never know when an emergency will arise; the last thing you want to do it waste precious time by flipping through the phonebook.

People love to keep plants inside the home; and why not? They are beautiful and add warmth to the space. Unfortunately, there are many plants that are extremely poisonous to bulldogs. If you already have plants, look them up on the Internet, and decide if you need to toss them. If you are thinking of buying plants, do research first to ensure you won’t be bringing in something poisonous. Many popular, yet poisonous, house plants include oleander, English ivy, mistletoe, and azalea. If your pet ingests any of these, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Just because a poisonous plant is outside your home does not mean your bulldog is safe. Keep an eye on him when you go for walks, and don’t let him ingest anything that you don’t give him. On the same note, you should use extreme caution when you spray your yard with herbicides or insecticides. If you hire a company to treat your yard, make sure you are given the “rules” of the chemicals before you take your pup out. If you apply these treatments yourself, pay close attention to the product labels.

Candy is another commonly found item in the home. Most people know that bulldogs, really all dogs for that matter, cannot ingest chocolate.
However, not everyone keeps chocolate out of the reach of their dogs. A cute candy dish filled with chocolate may be tempting for your bulldog. If you want to sit out candy, make sure it’s out of the reach of your pup.

Unfortunately, what is inside the wrapper is not the only thing that can cause your pet harm. The candy wrappers are a choking hazard, so don’t leave them lying around.

Household cleaners are something else you want to lock up properly, since they are extremely poisonous. If the cleaning supply cabinet is on your bulldog’s level, consider using a child’s lock to keep your pooch out. Otherwise, put the cleaning supplies out of reach.

There are many additional items that can cause your pooch harm, including over the counter prescriptions. If you are questioning an item, the best thing you can do is place it out of reach of from your dog. Once you can verify whether or not it’s a hazard, then you can decide how to store the item.
If you suspect that your pet has been poisoned, contact poison control or your veterinarian immediately.

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