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Bulldog Health Article 13: House Training on the Go 2

House Training On the Go 2

When you’re out and about with your dog, say walking through town, it is inevitable that he will have to go to the bathroom. It is also inevitable that he will be on his leash for this. Therefore, it is vital to train your dog to go to the bathroom while wearing his leash. Since he will have to eliminate while you’re away from home, he needs to be used to doing so on his leash. You can’t let him off the leash suddenly for him to go, since this could threaten the possibility of him running away and being difficult to catch, or even interfering with someone who isn’t such a dog lover. This person could make a complaint about you not having your dog on a leash, and all because you were planning on just letting him off to go to the bathroom. Start him going to the bathroom while on his leash when he is young and at home where he is comfortable. That way even when he is out with you, it’s not strange – it’s perfectly natural and the only way he knows to eliminate.

When you’re potty training your dog to only go outside, associate the leash with going. Don’t just open the sliding glass door and let him take a run in the backyard to go. Leash him up and walk him to where you want him to go. A retractable leash is the best tool, because you can be close enough to your dog to enforce that he has to go now, while on his leash, but you can also give him enough slack and room to be comfortable. Say his “potty cue,” or a phrase you use to let him know it’s time to do his business – as simple as “Go potty, Fido!” When he is done, praise him with that positive reinforcement you use for all of his good behavior. After about five days of your dog successfully going to the bathroom on his leash at home, start taking further and further away from home each day, starting with down the block and going to across the neighborhood. Once he is going without a problem even further away from home, you know he can go anywhere you are on his leash.

Remember that when you’re in public, your puppy may have to sniff around to find a place no other dog has gone before. This is because in nature, dogs mark their territory by eliminating in a certain place, and another dog has to consider himself of equal or greater status to go there. Puppies are too scared to do this. But older dogs want to go where they can sniff out that other dogs have gone.
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