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Bulldog Health Article 17: Table Food and Excessively Treating your Dog

Table Food and Excessively Treating your Dog

Most dog owners are tempted to give their dogs treats and once they submit to this behavior it is hard to go back. Treats are meant to be offered to dogs only when they have went through a command successfully. Offering a dog treats on various occasions will make the dog refuse to obey commands and become somewhat lazy always expecting to get his own way. The health impact of offering treats to your dog more often than you should is also a negative one. A dog simply loves to eat and food is the center of his world. The most exciting moment for a dog is the moment when he is offered some food. If you are prone to giving too many treats to your pet, like dinner scraps or sweets purchased from your local store this will affect his health in time and will lead to complications.

Do not feed your dog table scraps. Some of the food we eat as people is not recommended for animals because they will have allergic reactions to it. There are some human foods  you can feed your dog if you can’t afford to buy dog food but you shouldn’t teach your pet to take the food directly from your own plate otherwise he will expect to receive it that way daily.

This type of behavior will lead to other personality changes. The most frequent example we have encountered is begging. A dog will plead and beg quite often and if you give into his behavior he will be the leader and he will own you instead of you owning him. You should put a stop to his demands and work hard to eliminate this type of behavior from his life. A dog will ignore the dog food he received if he has been taught to expect human food all the time. Prevention is a lot easier than fixing the problem because once the behavior is set into his mind he will not be convinced by any methods you try to employ.

A good amount of people are in the habit of offering their food to their pets. This is most frequent when the dog is in training and the owner is interested in having his commands obeyed. If a dog receives treats too often he will ignore his training so you should restrain yourself from such conduct. The only moment when a dog is entitled to receive a treat is after a hard exercising session and after learning to obey a command. The dog will no longer work for his treat if he receives the treat ahead of putting the effort. This is the worse behavior a dog can display and if he does display it you should correct it as soon as possible because once the habit is installed then there’s no breaking the habit.

A dog’s behavior is not the only thing affected by treats, his health will suffer as well. A dog needs to have his daily portion of calories just like any man but these treats often break the necessary limit. The dog will be influenced to act inappropriately and he will develop bad health like high cholesterol levels and obesity. A dog is even more excited when receiving praise. You should reward him in different ways for each of the successful actions he has completed so he will not become accustomed to one method and begin asking for it without having his turn. Rewarding a dog should be done only in certain occasions when he has earned the right or he will become spoiled.

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