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Bulldog Health Article 2: Household items that are dangerous to your Dog

Article 2: Household items that are dangerous to your Dog
Household Items That Are Dangerous To Your Dog

As a dog owner, you will discover eventually that you have something in your home that can be dangerous or fatal. Keeping these items away from your dog is very important and avoids possible concern or problems that may result from your dog ingesting something harmful in your home.

Play dough, for instance, can be deadly for your dog, because of its high salt content, which can cause swelling and fluid retention in your dog's brain. If your dog ingests enough of this toxic childhood toy, it can develop seizures, go into a coma and die. If your dog has had small amounts of this dough, it may recover, but constant nervous disorders will remain as a result.

Antifreeze, of course, is not good for either a person or animal to ingest. This chemical is usually found on in a garage or basement, but if a dog less than 20 pounds, for instance, ingests just a tablespoon of antifreeze, it can be lethal. Your dog can receive treatment if it receives prompt medical attention within the initial 24 hours of ingestion.

Christmas plants and decorations are also lethal culprits for dogs. Plants, such as mistletoe and poinsettia plants are deadly to dogs. While, tinsel, if ingested by a dog, can block its intestines thus causing death. Tinsel can also be a choking hazard for your dog. Dry retching and discomfort are the first signals that your dog has eaten something not right for its system. Moreover, glass ornaments can be dangerous if the dog puts it in his mouth and the ornament breaks.

Medications, such as Tylenol and Advil can be dangerous unless prescribed by a vet. Additionally, if your dog gets a hold of some medication prescribed for a person, this can also be dangerous if swallowed. Vitamins, especially those containing iron can be deadly to your dog. Only give your dog vitamins prescribed by its vet.

It goes without saying that cleaning products are not safe to leave out around your dog. Some dogs like the taste of cleaning products, but they should still be kept out of the dog's vantage point.

Electrical cords and sockets are also dangerous and have caused many dog-related deaths. When a dog chews on an electrical cord or licks an uncovered electrical socket, this can be dangerous and deadly. The aforementioned should be kept out of reach from your dog.

Beehives should always be kept away from where dogs spend a lot of time, because many dogs are allergic to bee venom.

Keeping your home safe for your dog also includes removing any houseplants that may be poisonous. Your vet can provide information on the various types of houseplants that are highly toxic to dogs and puppies.

Moreover, following the above tips will keep your dog safe and alive, while providing many years of companionship for you and your family.
Article written by Gary Hamilton of Oh My Dog Supplies, the best shop to buy chew proof dog toys online.
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