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Bulldog Health Article 4: Vacationing with your Dog

Vacationing With Your Dog

Taking your dog on vacation with you and your family is preferable to leaving them in a kennel or at a friend’s home. You will discover that there are now more pet-friendly vacations available than in the year’s prior. With a few considerations and adjustments, you and your family can have an enjoyable vacation with your dog.

One of the first considerations when taking your dog on vacation is finding out what options are available for pet-friendly vacation locations. You should not, for instance, assume that most camping grounds allow dogs, because this is not always the case. Many campgrounds even restrict dog access to only leashed dogs at all times of the day. This is true even with major local and national parks. If a game warden should notice you walking your dog off leash, you may be subject to a ticket or even summoned to leave the park area. To avoid such issues, it is strongly advised to check ahead of time for regulations and rules concerning dogs.

Most hotels and other types of lodging make it clearly known as to whether or not they allow dogs or other pets. You should not consider staying in a hotel if you own a dog that incessantly chews or barks. Even if you stay at a pet-friendly hotel, the hotel’s management will request you and your dog to leave if they discover that your dog is partaking in the aforementioned activities, especially if guests are complaining. Under these circumstances, many hotels and motels will not provide you a refund and this is a costly lesson to have to learn. Moreover, many pet-friendly lodging facilities will require a deposit for your dog, which is used to treat the room for pet odors and fleas once you and your dog have checked out.

Another great option for vacationing with your dog is to take your dog with you to a friend’s home. You should find out before leaving if your friend has a fenced yard and if they own other pets. You should try to find out if your dog is compatible with the other dogs beforehand or you may have to shorten your stay.

If you have a crate-trained dog, you should bring the crate along with some toys in case your dog is left unattended. Using portable dog pens is a great option if you own a small breed dog, this would not be advisable for larger dogs. If you choose this option, familiarize your dog with the pen before going on your vacation.

Finally be sure to check with your vet to see if any additional vaccinations or treatments are required before you leave. Heartworm and tick treatments are very important if you do not currently use these in your area but are traveling to area where heartworms or ticks are a problem. In addition if you are traveling to other houses with dogs you may want to have your dog given a booster for Kennel Cough just to avoid any possible problems.

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