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Bulldog Health Article 9: Dog Chiropractic Practices

It’s In The Bone. Dog Chiropractic Practices

Chiropractic work is now common usage among humans. A chiropractor carefully manipulates the vertebrae of a patient to restore the body into its correct alignment. Doing so is said to restore body functions, particularly the improvement of the nerve function through the spinal column. The manipulation of bones helps to alleviate other problems such as chronic pain. Many people go regularly to a chiropractor to help improve their ability to function.
Recently, this practice of bone manipulation has moved into veterinarian medicine. There are licensed vets who practice the science and art of chiropractic medicine. There are also chiropractors who work with vets. Although the evidence is primarily anecdotal, some dogs do benefit from this type of alternative medicine.

Uses of Chiropractic On Canines

There are many possible uses of chiropractic medicine for your beloved dog. They mimic those employed for humans. With both humans and animals chiropractic medicine performs its work without surgery or medication. This is one of the benefits. It can be particularly beneficial for animals for whom surgery poses a high risk. This includes senior canines.
The following is a basic look at when a chiropractor may benefit your canine.

1. Neck, back, leg and tail pain

2. Disc and joint problems - such as limping

3. Trouble getting up and down

4. Muscle spasms or nerve problems

5. Jaw problems, including difficulty when chewing

6. Behavior or mood changes

7. Injuries from slips, falls and other accidents

8. Event or sport-related injuries. This is a common usage for canines who are actively participating in some form of sport such as Agility or Fly Ball

9. Post-surgical care. In some instances, a chiropractor may help with the healing and recovery process.

10. Maintenance of joint and spinal health


A chiropractic vet or a chiropractor who works with animals should be your primary choice. In this way, you guarantee your canine receives the correct type of care. Canine chiropractic medicine requires a technique that is animal-friendly. A good canine chiropractor understands more than the spinal arrangement and bone structure of a dog. He or she understands their nature.

Before manipulation can even begin, the chiropractor will ask about your dog. He or she will request to see the notes from the veterinarian. A chiropractor will not proceed to work on an injured dog without knowing what the vet has said about the illness or injury and its possible causes.

The chiropractor will provide his or her own assessment. This is done by thoroughly examining the dog. He or she will consider the stance of the dog. The stance, gait and other critical indicators are also analyzed and considered. Only after a complete assessment is completed will a chiropractor agree to work upon your dog. Only then, will the chiropractor start to adjust the spine and joints of the dog.


The results of chiropractic work vary. In some cases, the results are nothing short of miraculous. The effects are felt immediately and there are immediate signs of improvement. In other cases, the results only come after several sessions. This is also true with chiropractic practices on humans.


Many owners are now electing to use alternative means of treating their pets. Among these newer methods is chiropractic treatment. If you decide to follow this route, be sure to choose a chiropractor suitable for your canine friend’s needs. Always select a chiropractor who is a vet or works with a vet. While positive results and/or improvements are not guaranteed, there is a chance this method will work. Moreover, it is a means of treating certain problems without resorting to surgery or medication

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