Chocolate Sensations
Genotype for Chocolate Gene: [bb]

Chocolate English Bulldog PuppiesThe hair color on Choco's can vary slightly, but, there is no getting around the LIVER Colored nose. The nose, eyeliner, and pads should be some variation of brown, whether Hershey type chocolate or a more diluted chocolate as in chocolate fawn/sable. If the nose is not liver(brown) it is NOT A TRUE CHOCO! Chocolate color in dogs is no more than a Diluted Black dog. Contrary to popular thinking, the Chocolate bb (Brown/Liver) gene is really NOT a choco gene. It is a dilution gene which dilutes Black to Brown. For the Chocolate Gene to make, if you will, a dark chocolate dog, the BLACK base has to be there to be diluted. The eyes are often light gold, green, blue, or gray. In addition to the nose color, DNA Color testing will reveal the "bb" alleles in CHOCOLATE dogs. Each parent also contributes one of their two dilution factor genes to their offspring - either a brown (b) gene or a non-brown (B) gene. Chocolate parents (bb) can contribute only a brown (b) gene and non-brown parents (BB) can contribute only a non-brown gene (B). Choco Carriers can either contribute a non-brown (B) or a brown (b) gene. For more info, please refer to the Official Rare Color Chart.
In this first photo our Choco Baby Scrunchy on the left next to her sister who will have a black nose. It is very easy to see the light brown nose pigment coming in.
Interesting tidbit: Scrunchy went on to become mother to the Worlds First AKC Purple Lilac English Bulldog....Extreme Z!
Chocolate English Bulldog Puppies
In this photo we have our same black nosed girl on the left, our Chocolate Boy Semi in the middle, then our Chocolate Girl Truffy on the right.
Chocolate English Bulldog Puppies
More photos at 4 weeks old...more pigment coming in. Black nose puppy on right.
Chocolate English Bulldog Puppies
Chocolate English Bulldog Puppies
Chocolate English Bulldog Puppies
Our 3 Chocos at 8 weeks old
Chocolate English Bulldog Babies
UPDATE 2011 
New info on the Chocolate(brown) geneotype b
As if this were not confusing enough, I have now been advised that there are 3 Sequences to the b genotype. Which means you can have either b, b2, or b3 on your dogs DNA. This can be on one or both sides of the complete gene. Therefore, it is possible to have your dog dna any one of the following types:
Bb    Bb2    Bb3    bb    bb2    bb3    b2b    b2b2    b2b3    b3b    b3b2    b3b3
Some labs recognize all 3 sequences and some don't, so you could have a b2 or b3 on your dog and not know it. 
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