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Coloe Genetic Basics
This is a new section for our site. We hope that you will appreciate us sharing our knowledge with you. We also hope that you will share with us, as we are always learning, and improving on our understanding. 

UPDATE: We want to thank the few, very kind breeders who have actually called and said THANK YOU to us for creating this section. We realize that there are many breeders who use our site, that we never hear from...so Thank you for expressing your appreciation, it means a lot to us!

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Geneticists and Breeders have long been aware of several locations of chromosomes (loci), which are responsible for the color patterns we see in dogs. Each locus has 2 sides. Every puppy inherits one copy of each locus from Mom and one of each from Dad. This is true of ALL genetic traits. Each of these loci is responsible for one or more traits, either independently, or in conjunction with another locus. The simple rendition below can be applied to any single loci, such as the B loci.
DNA Basic Lessons 1
DNA Basic Lessons 2
DNA Basic Lessons 3
DNA Basic Lessons 4
The simple rendition below is applied to 2 single loci, D & B. You can see how complicated these scenarios can be. Imagine you are dealing with 3, 4, or more!
LESSON 2...showing only 2 of the 81 combination possibilities.
DNA Basic Lessons 5
DNA Basic Lessons 6
DNA Basic Lessons 7
This ends our Color basics lessons. To go further would require a complete site dealing with this topic only. We here at Rare Bulldogs, hope that this has helped you to get a foundation start to learning about Color DNA. Please visit our other Color DNA Pages, as we have a wealth of information here on each color. The links are at the top of this page. We recommend that you do further research on DNA Educational sites, should you need to go further in your knowledge.
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