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This is a new section for our site. We hope that you will appreciate us sharing our knowledge with you, and also hope that you will share with us, as we are always learning, & improving on our understanding. We will progressively build on this section.

We have been breeding canines in the Rare Colors of Lilac, Blue, and Chocolate for over 30 years. We have 35 years of education in color genetics and breeding behind us and therefore have a deep understanding of how the genetics work in producing these colors in canines. We continue to work with top Geneticists to this day in canine color genetics and learn something new every day.

Although we are very educated in Color Genetics, there is always new information coming out, and sometimes facts need to be adjusted in light of new information and Scientific studies. We try to keep all our info up to date. This is very time consuming, so if you see an error, Please bring it to our attention. Also, Please note that the information we publish is just in part and simplified to the best of our ability so as not to confuse the newcomer. We hope you appreciate our contribution.
PLEASE educate yourself by going over all our DNA pages BEFORE asking questions here. Our info is likely to answer many of your questions
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