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Inbreeding Coefficient

Rare Bulldogs takes great care to try and produce the healthiest puppies we can. One of the factors we use is to calculate our INBREEDING COEFFICIENT for each litter. Up to 10% is widely accepted, most of the time we stay at 8% or below. Studies show that staying below this percentage greatly increases longevity in puppies produced.
Rare Bulldogs INBREEDING COEFFICIENT is stated on each Litter Pedigree
Completed Breedings
Sookie x Vibe
DUE: 6-20-18
Location: Florida
Possible Colors: Chocolate and Black in Tri and Merle Tri
Black Tri English Bulldog Sookie Sookie x Vibe  
Prodigy x Bugatti
Bugatti is owned by Centex Bulldogs
Due 7-30-18
Location: Florida
Possible Colors: All Lilac and Blue in Tri, Tri Merle, Sable, Ghost Merle
Blue Tri MINI English Bulldog Prodigy Prodigy x Bugatti Pedigree Bugatti
Bling X Riggs
Puppies Available for Adoption: Apprx. 6-5-18
Location: Florida
Possible Colors: Lilac Tri Merle and Lilac Tri
Lilac Tri Merle English Bulldog Bling Bling x Riggs Riggs 

Planned Breedings
Note: Mates subject to change anytime before breeding
Rain X Hydra
Location: South Carolina
Possible Colors: all 4 Rare Colors in Tri, Merle, Sable
rain Rain x Hydra Pedigree CHSMPION Blue Tri English Bulldog Hydra
Price List
We WILL NOT sell puppies or semen to large breeders, breeders who keep their dogs outside, puppy mills, brokers, or pet shops, or to anyone associated with them.

We reserve the right to post any price on our puppies. Florida Residents have to pay Sales Tax on puppies.

Price varies according to these variables: market at the time, color, fawn color or true color, markings, carrier genes, gender, full/limited AKC, pedigree, age, structure, etc.
Prices for Pet Only AKC (spay/neuter contract) Prices for Full AKC (with breeding rights)

Standard Color: starting at $2500
Blue, Chocolate, Lilac Sable: starting at $3000

Black Tri: starting at $3000
Blue Tri, Chocolate Tri: starting at $3500
Lilac Tri: starting at $4000
Merle: add $1000 to above fees

Standard Color: starting at $3000
Blue, Chocolate Sable: starting at $3500
Lilac Sable: starting at $4000
Black Tri: starting $4000
Blue or Chocolate Tri: starting at $5000
Lilac Tri: starting at $6500
Merle: add $2000 to above fees
Note: Some special litters/pups may be priced higher.

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