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Rarest Litter
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This is now officially one of the RAREST LITTERS ever born! Lilac-Blue-Chocolate!
All in one Litter, just what we expected....Yes, we planned this particular match knowing we had the chance to get the First AKC Purple Lilac in the World, plus the Blue & Chocolate.  Born 6-18-11. 2 Lilacs-1 boy, 1 girl. 2 Blues-1 boy, 1 girl. 2 Chocolate boys, 1 dark. All healthy strong babies. We are very honored to have such a Rare Litter!
Meet Treasure & Scrunchy & their babies.
Meet RB's Lilac Passion Ultra Purple Haze It's confirmed! DNA is in. Ultra is ddbb...a TRUE LILAC! The FIRST DNA Confirmed EB Lilac Girl in the world!
Meet Extreme Zi It's confirmed! DNA is in. Zi is ddbbatat...a PURPLE LILAC! The first True Color Lilac ever born. He is the color of a Weim.
Meet Epic Blue
Blue Brindle Boy
Epic now lives in Hungary.
Meet Mistify
Super Dilute Blue brindle Girl.
Mistify now lives in Canada.
Meet Little Chocolate Factory
Chocolate Brindle Boy. This boy has it all! The ONLY Chocolate boy (besides his brother) in the US that can produce
all 4 Rare Colors-Blue, Black, Lilac, Chocolate.
Meet Supreme Dream
Dark Choco & White Boy. This boy has it all too! The ONLY Chocolate boy(besides his brother) in the US that can produce all 4 Rare Colors-Blue, Black, Lilac, Chocolate.
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