8 Generations Merle and Counting
8 Generations Merle and Counting

8th AKC Generation Merle Litter Produced by Rare Bulldogs!

We want to set the record straight for those who believe that ALL breeders must hang papers or cross breed to get Merle in the English Bulldog. This is nothing more than misinformation, although some breeders have done this, there are a few ethical breeders who have not, and have patiently waited to do it right. Here's the proof!!
CHAMPION Chocolate Merle Tri English Bulldog Sha-Bang! Rare Bulldogs Merle Marvel The Whole Sha-Bang!

Chocolate Tri Merle Male

DNA: bb Dd MN NN atat
The Generations Behind Sha-Bang!
Below is Bang's 5 generation pedigree from AKC. Here is the list of the Dogs which were Merle. Bang & his siblings make the 6th Generation that is traceable.
  1. Szigeti-Molosszus Anna-Mary
  2. Nagymancs-Tappancs Irma
  3. Douglas-Br.
  4. Dragonbulldogs Chocolate Dragoness
  5. Dragon Bulldogs Elrem Draco Malfoy
  6. Rare Bulldogs Merle Marvel The Whole Sha-Bang!
  7. Rare Bulldogs Merle Marvel Blu Steppinwolf
  8. Rare Bulldogs Merle Marvel Seismic Vibration
Rare Bulldogs Merle Marvel The Whole Sha-Bang Dragonbulldogs Elrem Draco Malfoy Dragonbulldogs Lil Rio Tsukat Chegevaro Fire Boss
Barrakuda Iz Sirenevogo Zamka
Esenia Villi
Sebo's Mazie Sebo's Pluto Boy CH Steelebull Catch Me If U Can
Dinkers Lulu La Treece
Sebo's Gracie Oh Happy Rocco
Mia Munie Maker
Dragonbulldogs Chocolate Dragoness Douglas-Br. Sotakal Dougles Valleybull Silver Sailor At Merriveen
Groz-Kriger Tizzi
Nagymancs-Tappancs Irma Graur Bulldogs Off Apollo
Szigeti-Molosszus Anna-Mary
Misty Blue V11 Bruce Lee VII CH Omega's Whole Lotta Rock'n Roll
Dolly Of Siam
Brennas Button Raider CH Mclins Majestic Titus Raider
Buttons Of Zassman Pm
Rare Bulldogs Lilac Passion Untouchabull Rb's Lilac Passion Extreme Z Rare Bulldogs Choco-Blu Dreams Treasure Chest Papa Smurf Koehler Dante's Phantom Tank
Phantom Girl
Rosie Snickers Dawg Gone Rocky Road
Rosie Rose
Rb's Choco Sensation Scrunch N Munch Awesome Bully Blu Bmw Dawg Gone Rocky Road
Harmony II
Bulldogsam's Little Bit Of Cash Cash's Walls Of Jericho
Samra's Snoop Doggie Bernus
Misterbulldog's Rare Black Onyx Dawg Gone Rocky Road CH Sir Ikenhimer Boraguard Truman Snively
Mil-Dix Josey Jon
Miss Lady Rose Sir Wilson's Noble Crocker
Ft Sister Ida Lee
Blackgold's Black Beau Leonard Damian
Triumph's Fertility Felicity
Celebrity's Black Opal Bugs Nutra Cannis Kennel
Onyx Of CGB
Credits: Paola Torres of Dragon Bulldogs provided info & photos on the Merle dogs in the Pedigree 
Blue Merle Tri English Bulldog Steppinwolf Steppinwolf is just ONE of our 7th generation Merles.

Rare Bulldogs Blu Dreams Merle Steppinwolf

Blue Tri Merle Male

DNA: Bb dd MN NN atat
Pedigree for Steppinwolf
8 Generations!
Steppinwolf has 10+ litters of the 8th gen Merles!! Check out his Profile page for links to his progeny HERE
Vibe-100% Bulldog
Steppinwolf-100% Bulldog
Sassi-100% Bulldog
Bling-100% Bulldog
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