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Author: Alesia Dixon  ©2007 to date Rare Bulldogs All Rights Reserved.
Absolutely NO Authorization to copy or rewrite in any form, in part or in whole.
35 years of education, knowledge, and hard work is behind this chart. We hope you appreciate our contribution.
The photos on this chart are from Rare Bulldogs unless otherwise noted.
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Official Rare Color Chart for English Bulldogs
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Color DNA Testing Centers
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This chart covers the 4 rare Colors being produced in Purebred AKC Bulldogs aka "English Bulldogs", which are LILAC, BLUE, CHOCOLATE, and BLACK. AKC Color codes are provided for each color desigantion. We are hoping that more breeders & pet owners will CORRECTLY register their babies color with the codes provided here. You can see the color codes given by AKC for Bulldogs HERE.  ALL English Bulldog Breeders of AKC Rare Colors should use the same Color Codes for registering their dogs, so as to preserve the stability of the Rare Color Lines and for Breeders to accurately plan their breeding program for the Rare Colors. This is a GOOD chart, as I have conferred extensively with AKC as to what the descriptive color of their codes are, and therefore the codes chosen are as close as you can possibly get to the true color of each dog. Note: Fawn Markings (008) indicate the Tan Pointed Pattern on ANY color dog.
From the scientists at UC Davis and Vet Gen. Both scientists said the exact same thing about the difference between a True Color Lilac and a Lilac fawn/Lilac Brindle.

You can dna at the K locus to find out if your lilac is a fawn(red coat base) or a true color(black base coat).

At UC Davis, results will show KK  or KN to be a true color lilac(it takes only one side of a Dominant Gene for the color to present on the dog), NN would be a lilac fawn. NN would mean the lilac fawn does not carry the Dominant Black Gene which is the most common of black genes in EB's, and cannot throw Black, True Blue, True Color Lilac, or Dark Chocolate at the K loci, but can produce at the agouti & at the recessive black gene, IF it is a carrier at those alleles, AND only if the mate carries the same. Bottom line, the Lilac Fawn does not Guarantee to throw all 4 Rare Colors to it's offspring.

At Vet Gen, the results are a little different. Not the genetics themselves, but merely the way they choose to interpret it to their customers. Results will show KBKB, or KYKB to be a true color lilac, KYKY would be a lilac fawn. KYKY would mean the lilac fawn does not carry the Dominant Black Gene, and cannot produce black puppies at the K loci as explained above.
True Lilac English Bulldogs  
Two copies of dilute are needed to lighten black pigment to grey (often called blue) and red pigment to cream (often called blue fawn).
Blue Tri English Bulldogs  
Photo Courtesy Cowboys Bullies
Blue Brindle English Bulldogs  
As if this were not confusing enough, I have now been advised that there are 3 Sequences to the b genotype. Which means you can have either b, b2, or b3 on your dogs DNA. This can be on one or both sides of the complete gene. Therefore, it is possible to have your dog dna any one of the following types:
Bb    Bb2    Bb3    bb    bb2    bb3    b2b    b2b2    b2b3    b3b    b3b2    b3b3

Some labs recognize all 3 sequences and some don't, so you could have a b2 or b3 on your dog and not know it. What does this mean? To put it simply, the more little b's your dog has, the higher the percentage SHOULD be as to the puppies your dog will give it to.

Photo Courtesy Cowboys Bullies
Black Tri English Bulldog  
Lilac Brindle English Bulldogs  
Blue Fawn Tri English Bulldogs  
Blue Brindle Tri English Bulldogs  
Light Chocolate Tri English Bulldogs  
     Chocolate Buff

Chocolate Fawn & White, but much lighter The dilution gene on red dogs does not change the hair color, which is why these dogs will look standard color but actually be chocolate. The nose, eyeliner, and pads should be light to dark chocolate as in the True Chocolate Colors. The eyes are often light gold, green, grey, or blue.

Photo Courtesy West Coast Rare Bulldogs
   AKC Code

   White Markings