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Your New Babies Food
We feed this to ALL our Bulldog puppies.
Your Puppy is already on this food, and is used to having it soaked and soft. Please soak the food and put down only soft food until at least age 16 weeks to prevent choking, and even up to 6 months, especially if you have a smaller baby.

When you are ready to introduce hard kibble, make sure to offer it to your baby on a full stomach, right after feeding soft, so the baby won't gobble it up quickly. When you introduce the hard kibble, if your baby coughs, hacks, or gags, remove the food immediately and go back to soft. Retry every 4 weeks. Monitor your baby eating for several days to make sure he/she is chewing the kibble and not swallowing it whole which is a choking hazard.

If you need help, are nervous, or have questions, please do not hesitate to call us anytime.
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