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Meet our #1 Star Bully Herschel Merrill
Visit Herschel on YouTube Here
Herschell Merrill10-18-08 Gulf Breeze pup reigns in Atlanta 'Herschel' the bulldog wins newspaper's pet contest. BY SCOTT PAGE-Gulf Breeze News

Submitted photo Herschel is owned by Gulf Breeze resident and University of Georgia alumnae Martha Merrill. More pictures of the award-winning English bulldog can be seen on

The Atlanta Journal Constitution recently named a local English bulldog, Herschel Walker Merrill, "Atlanta's Top Dog." Herschel wasn't born into the lap of luxury, but he has always had star potential according to Martha Anne Merrill, a Gulf Breeze resident and Herschel's owner. "He loves people, and everyone in our neighborhood knows his name," Merrill said. Herschel also enjoys a link on YouTube full of his pictures and videos. Merrill, a graduate of the University of Georgia, purchased Herschel from a breeder in Cantonment and named him after her favorite football star. "Herschel Walker has always been my favorite football player," Merrill said. "I always wanted an English bulldog, and I've always known that I would name him Herschel." Herschel's road to stardom began in July when The Journal- Constitution asked for photos of reader's dogs of the American Kennel Club's top 11 breeds. "When they asked for bulldogs, I submitted a few of Herschel," Merrill said. "They published two of his as the first two." Merrill said that the AJC editors then decided to choose two pictures of each breed and have readers vote on their favorites. After the vote, the results were clear: Herschel was "Top Dog." "It really wasn't a contest when I submitted the pictures," Merrill said. "I found out a week later that he had won this contest." Herschel's title as "Atlanta's Top Dog" earned him a feature story in the AJC. "Herschel won and the editor e-mailed me for info on him and asked for his YouTube link so they could post it," Merrill said. According to Merrill, Herschel's popularity and star power skyrocketed after his YouTube link was printed in the AJC. "Once they printed the link his views went from 2,000 to 10,000." Herschel might live a small-town life in Gulf Breeze, but he will always be the second-most famous Georgia Bulldog to at least one woman. "He is just so cool and laid back," Merrill said. "He doesn't like to fight, and he loves people."
Herschel Merrill
I thought I'd send some more pics of our baby....I honestly don't know how we have lived this long without the little guy. He has captured our hearts. He is growing by leaps and bounds. You wouldn't believe it if you saw him. His coat is so beautiful too. His coat now has light brown spots on it all over and people always comment on what a beautiful dog he is. He is a hit everywhere we go. If we go to the park, we draw a crowd immediately. He is by far the most popular dog anywhere and he LOVES the attention. He is especially fond of children. He wiggles his little bottom in excitement whenever the neighborhood kids come over to play with him. He was around a two year old baby this past weekend and I was nervous b/c of her age, but he was so gentle with her and just licked her..she loved him. His personality and temperament are remarkable. He loves people and loves other dogs. He isn't the slightest bit possessive of his food or his toys and he always performs his tricks when asked. He is just a love and without a doubt the cutest pup we have ever seen...people just go nuts over him. Thanks again for breeding such terrific puppies! He is irreplaceable and we love him immensely! Sincerely, Martha Anne Merrill 
Herschel Merrill  Herschel Merrill
Hi Alesia...Herschel made the paper in-laws live in Birmingham and sent in his Halloween picture and it was chosen for last Sundays paper! Below is the scanned page that she sent me...He truly is a star!! Love him to pieces!! All the best! Martha Anne
Herschell Merrill
Meet another Rare Bulldogs Star Bully-Tonka
Tonka Rogers
Tonka made the Pensacola News Journal 6-27-09
My Pet Photo: Meet Tonka, the indestructible dog
Jason Burt and Nicole Rogers • Special to the News Journal • June 27, 2009
Hey Alesia!! Just wanted to send more updated pictures of our number 1 son. He has gotten so big and handsome we are unbelievably ecstatic!! He is definitely champion material! We also wanted to tell u that he got chosen to be in the Pensacola News Journal and I am sending u the link so u can check it out! We are very, very proud of him and get compliments and stopped EVERYWHERE we go. A Pet Smart trip literally takes 30 extra minutes with all the people wanting to pet him and ask about him. Truly one good looking baby bulldog!!!
Tonka Rogers

Tonka the English bulldog is the pet of Jason Burt and Nicole Rogers. (Reader-submitted photo) This is our baby English bulldog, the indestructible Tonka. He is almost 1 year old and is a ball of energy, fun and love! He is mischievous and outgoing, justly nicknamed "Maniac on the Floor." We brought him home at 8 weeks and have loved him from the day we picked him out!
Star Parent
Yes! We have a Star Parent...Andria Greene
I have had Parents tell me that their bully can swim fine, and some can, up to between 1 and 2 years of age. Sad to say, those parents lost their bullys to drowning. You may wonder...what happened? Bullys, as they grow, tend to get more dense, thicker bones and dense muscles, and start to be what I call "Heavy Boned". A lot of times this does not occur until after 1 year of age, thus the sad scenario above....the bully could swim fine until one day it sank and drowned. NEVER take a chance!! It is definitely NOT worth it.
This is the ONLY SAFE way to have your Bully around or in the water!!! Even if they can swim, don't EVER take a chance.
Thank you Andria for doing it right!! Meet Lana Greene
Lana Green     Lana Green
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