Sable vs Fawn Color Study

DNA private color Study for Sable vs Fawn

October 3, 2015...posted on FaceBook
DNA STUDY-ENGLISH BULLDOGS PLEASE PARTICIPATE: I would like to conduct a DNA study if I can get enough people to participate. Although this is not officially sanctioned by my Genetics Lab, I will be sharing my findings with them to get their opinions. We have done this before and our findings were published by the geneticist years ago.

I am thinking that their is a difference between the DNA of a True Sable and a True Fawn. Would like to see if I am correct or not.

My thinking is that the Sable, which tends to show tri points when younger is ayat at Agouti, while the True Fawn is ayay at Agouti and never show tri points.
Results from this study are that Sable EB's that show tan points and/or have dark etching, DO carry one [at] & are ayat in their dna. A TRUE Fawn will not show sable hairs, tan points,  and will be ayay in their DNA. From the Geneticist: Because it has not been proven, I cannot say it is impossible for an ayay (agouti) dog to show tan points, but it would be highly unlikely.
Huge thanks to all our Participants!
Derrek Darr-ayat Danny Nash Cheri Schweitzer-ayat
derek Darr Danny Nash Cheri Schweitzer
Jodie Weech-ayay Jamin Smith-ayay Jamin Smith-ayay
Jodie Weech Jamin Smith Jamin Smith
Kirsty Tollady-ayat Katie Colvin Ferguson-ayat Katie Colvin Ferguson-ayat  
Kirsty Tolladay Katie Colvin Furguson Katie Colvin Furguson
Mark Barnes-ayat Lynnette Meadows-ayat Kirsty Tollady-ayat
Mark Barnes Lynnette Meadows Kirsty Tolladay
Steve Novy-ayat Rod Triline-ayat Sheri Mccormick Lewis-ayat
Steve Novy Rod Triline Sherry McCormick
Sonya Wagner Ivester-ayat Tonya Springer-Jackson-ayat   Crysral Guerrero-ayat   
Sonya Wagner Ivester Tonya Jackson Crysral Guerrero
Tonya Springer-Jackson-ayay   Susan Mackay Pontius-ayay
Tonya Jackson   Susan Mackay Pontius
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