Shipping Puppies

Note: if you hire your own Shipper, we reserve the right to refuse pickup if the legal paperwork is not in place and most importantly if there are conditions that we are not comfy with.
At Rare Bulldogs we provide the VERY BEST in delivering your new baby DIRECTLY into your arms!! We have a reliable Airline Nanny service that will fly with your baby right to you. Most major airports in the US are available. This is the safest, most reliable, and the least stressful way for your new baby to be delivered to you. We do NOT transport our babies Cargo or by ground transport.

US transports for puppies under 20 lbs are $450.00. We require a $250.00 deposit paid via PayPal directly to our Nanny. balance arrangements will be between you and the nanny service.

Over 20 lbs is done on a case by case basis and is more expensive.
Our Flight Nannies work for the airlines and can only fly with their company & on STANDBY. This means that they cannot choose the day or arrival time for your baby's delivery, and they can be bumped from the scheduled flight at ANY time. They also can fly only to certain airports. Because of this, you must have someone available that can go to the airport at any time on any day to pick up the baby. If you are late to meet the Nanny, he/she may have to return with the puppy at your expense. Our Nannies CANNOT miss their return flight. There will be no refunds. By choosing this option for delivery, you are agreeing with this policy.
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