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Rare Bulldogs has always worked hard to keep our Rare Color Bulldogs looking like they should, as close to breed standard as possible. We were Bulldogers (BCA Members) for over 5 years when in 2009 we decided to produce the Rare colors of Blue, Black, Chocolate, Seal, and Lilac in English Bulldogs. We are very fortunate to have produced the Worlds First True Color (Purple) Lilac English Bulldog in 2011. Our breeding goals are to keep that Gorgeous Bulldog Standard Look in our Rare Color Beauties, as well as keeping the Size of our Rare Color babies as close as possible to the Breed Standard of 50 lbs. for boys and 40 lbs. for girls. We started off by breeding our first carrier boy Walker to our Champion Sired girl Tory, and continue to mix the show lines with our Color Lines as often as possible. We hope you enjoy our SHOW Endeavors!
At Rare Bulldogs we are AVID AKC supporters, but, AKC and BCA Judges refuse to put up quality color dogs in the show ring even though they qualify (otherwise they could not even be entered), and are closer to the Breed Standard than the dogs put up over them. I have watched this trend closely for about 5 years now and it is getting worse, not better. Sooo...we have decided to go with a world known registry that is the BEST registry out there other than AKC, so that our Quality dogs can get the recognition they deserve. Therefore, most of our CHAMPIONS are ABKC CHAMPIONS.

Update: The BCA has now went a step further in their hatred for Rare Color Breeders and have now added our Rare Colors as DQ's for Showing. While this is a very sad day, in going forward and doing this, they have had to admit that the Rare Colors ARE and always have been in their Purebred Bulldogs. So from that point, this is a GREAT DAY FOR RARE COLOR BREEDERS, as the BCA Members have for years accused us of adding in other breeds to get the color, hanging papers, saying that we are all puppy mills, and the list goes on. It actually changes nothing for us, as we stopped trying to show several years ago with AKC and went to The ABKC as stated above.
Now Showing
These babies are currently working on their CHAMPIONSHIP Status!
Smallvillle has 140 points and all his Majors. Just 10 more points and we have yet another Rare bulldogs CHAMPION!
Future stud, Ghost Merle QUAD
Ghost Merle English Bulldog Smallville 
Rare Bulldogs thanks our Trainers and Handlers!
Amanda Walker
Patrick Volpe
Donavin Volpe
Junior Handler
CHAMPION Chocolate Seal Rare Bulldog Triple Crown Grand Champion Black Tri English Bulldog Black Out Grand Champion Black Tri English Bulldog Black Out
Rare Bulldogs Champions
CH English Bulldog Bounder-Chocolate, Blue, Black Carrier
Meet Tory's Dad AKC CHAMPION Wolfe's Bound for Glory aka Bounder.

Unbeknownst to us at the time, Bounder was a QUAD. He carried Blue, Chocolate, and Black.

See Bounder in many of our first color litter pedigrees.

Our beautiful boy passed away in 2009 at 9 years old.
CH My Toys Operation Overdrive
Meet AKC CHAMPION MyToys Kennedy Operation Overdrive

Nick carries chocolate. DNA: Bb DD KbrN ayay

See Nicks Famous Rare Color litter HERE. 10 beautiful CH Sired Rare Color and Rare color carrier Babies!

Our hearts are broken, our sweet, sweet Baby passed away early December of 2017, 10 days shy of his 11th birthday.
Champion Rare Bulldogs Blu Dreams Hydra

Meet our first Rare Color CHAMPION Rare Bulldogs Blu Dreams Hydra.

Hydra is our Blue Tri MINI Bulldog stud
Champion Chocolate tri Merle English Bulldog Sha-Bang!
Meet CHAMPION Rare Bulldogs Merle Marvel The Whole Sha-Bang!

Bang is the first Merle English Bulldog Champion. He is a Chocolate tri Merle.
Grand Champion English Bulldog Black Out

Meet GRAND CHAMPION Rare Bulldogs Back N Black Black Out

Black Out wins Best in Show and 3 Best of Breeds at Birmingham, November 2017. Shown by Junior Handler Donavin Volpe.

2017 #3 Bulldog in the US
Chocolate Seal English Bulldog Triple Crown Training

Meet GRAND CHAMPION Rare Bulldogs Choco Seal Exclusive Triple Crown

Triple Crown has a CHAMPION LOADED Pedigree that is unmatched in the color world.
Chocolate Seal English Bulldog Prada

Meet CHAMPION Rare Bulldogs Choco Seal Exclusive Prada

Prada is  GRAND CHAMPION Sired by our own Triple Crown and has a CHAMPION LOADED Pedigree.
Triple Crown Training with Professional Handler Amanda Walker
Chocolate Seal English Bulldog Triple Crown Training Chocolate Seal English Bulldog Triple Crown Training Chocolate Seal English Bulldog Triple Crown Training
  Chocolate Seal English Bulldog Triple Crown Training
Allentown June 2018 
Ghost Merle English Bulldog Smallville
Ghost Merle English Bulldog Smallville

Black Out
GRCH Blackout
GRCH Black Out Black tri English Bulldog Stud

Chocolate seal EB Prada 
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