stud Service Contract

If you are not successful, then we are not successful, and well.....
that is NOT an option for us here at Rare Bulldogs!


We Promise
**We will not split our boys semen meant for your girl with another client.
**We will never pull one of our boys and sell his semen to you if he is not 100% healthy.
** Never get left hanging if unforeseen things arise! We always have backup Studs available.
**We never overbreed our boys. Our Limited Availability Studs are bred to no more than 6 outside girls per year.
**We will never use inferior shipping boxes, extender, or transport, just to save a few bucks, only the BEST for our Clients!
Rare Bulldogs Stud service Policy
STUD SERVICE TO DO LIST- NO Semen will be shipped until we have these items!
  1. Online Stud Contract
  2. Pay Deposit for FedEx-UPS charges and Semen Boxes
  3. Copy of your Registration Papers showing your name and address, and good photos of your Bitch
  4. Stud fee paid in full...if it's not cleared, it's not paid.
  5. Progesterone 's up to you BUT NO rebreed and NO POL without progesterone testing.
Please understand that I have to have time to pull, pack, and make it to the UPS/FEDEX office by their cutoff. I have to consider traffic, possibility of flat tire, etc.....anything could happen.
M-F I must have shipping confirm by 2pm CENTRAL STANDARD exceptions
SAT I must have shipping confirm by10am CENTRAL STANDARD exceptions
We require Stud Fee + 225.00 per shipment for Box and UPS/Fedex charges, before we ship out semen. You may use the options below, sorry no PayPal for the Stud Fee.
Stud Fee Payment Options
Shipping can be included here.
Shipping and box can be paid via PayPal.
Note: Shipping the boxes to me has increased dramatically as has the UPS/Fedex charges to send semen to you. Sorry for the increase in shipping expenses.
Zelle PaymentsSend money via our phone number 850.206.1027. Easy for you and I both, can be verified immediately, and no Fees!!  Call 850.206.1027 and I can request the amount you want to pay, or Click the Zelle icon to go to their site and get setup.
Select # of Shipments

Wells Fargo BankBank Wires and ACH Transfers. Please email for our banking info.
Semen Shipper

BEFORE you start, you will need to ATTACH 3 items about your girl to this contract, so have them ready.
1. Registration Papers  2. Pedigree  3. Photo
Visual Verification Image
* Required
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