RB Stud Service Policy

Rare Bulldogs Stud Service Policy

We require a copy of your females AKC Registration, her Pedigree, any DNA certificates you have, both color and AKC, and a photo, plus stud fee, before any stud services are reserved, rendered, or shipped. We WILL NOT RESERVE a spot with one of our studs without ALL required documents, contracts, and payment. If someone else calls and reserves a spot at the same time your girl is in, we will have no choice but to deny our services to you unless you have RESERVED our Stud properly.

Both parties agree that the Rare Bulldogs name will not be used in the sell of the puppies of their dam. The STUD DOG name can be used as the name of the sire only. The puppies produced by this dam are the property of the bitch owner and are not puppies belonging to Rare Bulldogs and will not be sold as Rare Bulldogs puppies with the exception of "Pick Puppy Back Agreements". Pick Puppy Agreements will be noted in the "Other Considerations" portion of the Online Contract. Therefore in all advertising or selling of these pups Dam Owner will not use Rare Bulldogs as a selling key.

Both parties agree that two live puppies constitutes a litter. Failure to raise the litter does not constitute a repeat breeding. Both parties agree that their own dogs involved in this breeding are in good health and that all shots and worming are up to date before day of breeding to be verified by Veterinarian if necessary. Bitch owner agrees to be forthcoming with ALL vet info and records in connection with the birth should they be requested by RB.

Our service is to provide you with good quality, live, healthy, motile semen for your use. This is what you are paying for. There is much involved in this process which costs us money, time, and limits the use or our male for others. Conception after live, motile semen is delivered or inseminated is the sole responsibility of the Bitch owner and or your veterinarian. There must be accurate timing, proper procedures, and ovulation with eggs dropped in order for the semen to do its job.

We provide a repeat breeding only if proper Progesterone Testing was done, and at no cost to purchaser except shipping expenses. Bitch owner is to notify Stud Dog Owner 10 days before whelping, that the bitch is not bred and is to be due a repeat breeding. Failure to notify STUD DOG owner constitutes a null and void contract. A letter from a certified Veterinarian shall be provided to the STUD DOG owner for proof the bitch is not bred and for records in her file.

Both parties agree that if the stud dog dies or is not on the premises for breeding or is being used by another bitch at the time of repeat breeding, the Stud Dog owner will have the right to breed to another like male of their choice. Both parties agree that any and all puppies produced as a result of this breeding cannot be sold or placed in puppy mills or purchased by brokers for the intent of resale of puppies.

Rare Bulldogs in no way guarantees the quality or health of puppies produced from this breeding. Both parties agree that the genetics, structure, quality, all health issues or problems, etc. are the sole responsibility of the Bitch Owner and that Rare Bulldogs is in no way responsible for any of the foregoing in any way or manner whatsoever. Rare Bulldogs certifies that at the time of this contract, to the best of their knowledge, there are no major health or genetic issues with the Stud Dog herein and that this breeding does not constitute inbreeding.

The owner of the Stud and the Bitch owner agree to the Payment of the posted stud fee for stud used for 2 inseminations or specimens. This amount must be paid by Rare Bulldogs accepted Payment Options as of the signing of the contract and 7 days BEFORE the first insemination or shipment unless this is an emergency arrangement. In shipment of Cooled Semen all Shipping charges are to be paid by Bitch Owner with the Stud Service Payment.

We require GOOD photos of any produced puppies for our studs Progeny Pages and to verify the litter. We reserve the right to use any and all photos in any way we choose. Registration Litter approvals will be done after acceptable photos are received by Rare Bulldogs.

Herein: The online contract along with these policies herein, will be governed by the laws of the state of Florida and the county of Escambia and the city of Pensacola, Florida. All mediations, litigations or law suits will be conducted in the county of Escambia in the State of Florida. This constitutes the complete contract between both parties of said STUD DOG and BITCH in question.

When we agree to POL, please realize that we are having to wait not 2 months for the pups to be born, but another 2 months before we can receive and sell the puppy in order to get our stud fee. On top of that, if the female does not take, then we are out all our hard work and get nothing. Remember, we reserve the male for you and your female for that week which means we turn away other stud services for which we get paid, so yes we lose out, a lot!

Yet another issue comes to fruition with POL. It never fails that if a bitch owner has only 1 or 2 pups, the bitch owner never wants to give the stud owner their rightful stud fee, a pick puppy. I really do not get how a stud owner should be expected to give away semen. Two live puppies constitutes a litter, and it is up to the bitch owner to do the C-section at the right time, and have the proper experience and knowledge to keep the babies alive. It is also up to the bitch owner to breed at the right time. 99.9% of the time when a female does not take, it has absolutely nothing to do with the stud. It is always one of the foregoing factors: improper breeding time, female does not ovulate/drop eggs (the semen cannot fertilize an egg that is not there), or a sterile bitch.

We sell and ship LIVE, VIABLE SEMEN, this is what you are paying for.

All that being said, here is our POL policy:
*Rare Bulldogs gets first pick of the litter no matter how small unless there is only one puppy. The litter will be verified with photos and records from your vet directly to us within 24 hours of birth.
*You are responsible to provide us with weekly, GOOD photos of ALL the puppies, and a complete physical vet checkup of the whole litter via our puppy check form by 3 to 4 weeks of age. Your vet must directly provide us with the results.
*Also at 3-4 weeks, right after vet visit results, color DNA will be done at Rare bulldogs request on certain puppies. RB will require the least amount of testing to be done so as not to make this expensive to the bitch owner.
*At that point, we will pick our puppy. If our pick puppy dies or gets sick, then the picking process will start over again even if you have promised puppies or fell in love with one of them. We are counting on you to keep our puppy healthy and alive.
*Until it is delivered to us in good health and condition, your stud fee is not paid.
*You are also responsible for delivering the puppy to Rare Bulldogs at your cost and with our Flight Nanny, NO ground or cargo shipping.
*You agree to register the litter after we choose our puppy, and will provide us Signed, Full Registration AKC papers upon receipt from AKC.
*The pick puppy's registered name will not be restricted in any way, and will be named solely by Rare Bulldogs.
If you think that any part of the above policy is out of line, too restrictive, or you do not agree, then PLEASE DO NOT ASK US FOR A POL STUD SERVICE.

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