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STUD SERVICE TO DO LIST! NO Semen will be shipped until we have these items:
  • Send us 1 Semen Box for each specimen to be shipped. Click HERE
  • Your FedEx account number. Create an accont here:  click Register Now
  • Copy of your Registration Papers showing your name & address, & can attach these to your online contract
  • 3 Generation Pedigree & Good Photo of your Girl
  • Stud on this page below.
  • Stud fee paid in full...if it's not cleared, it's not paid. Go to Payments Page HERE
  • Progesterone 's up to you BUT NO rebreed & NO POL without progesterone testing.

Any breeding that can produce LILAC is OUR CHOICE for POL
Rare Bulldogs POL Policy
We WILL NOT RESERVE a spot with one of our studs without ALL required documents & contracts and we will NOT turn down other customers for our studs if you have not reserved your spot properly. You will then loose your spot as we do not breed our boys to more thn ONE girl at the time.
BEFORE you start, you will need to attach 3 items to this contract. 1. Registration Papers, 2. Pedigree, & 3. Photo
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