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Notice: there has been much confusion about who we are and if we are affiliated with other breeders who have added our name "Rare Bulldogs" to their name. We are simply RARE BULLDOGS, the first, the one and only, the original RARE BULLDOGS. It is a compliment to us that so many other breeders have added our name to theirs, but it does cause much confusion, especially where the breeder makes the RARE BULLDOGS part of their name more prominent than their real name. This confusion has cost us customers whom would not believe that we were NOT affiliated with a breeder that has evidentially ripped people off. Thus we felt this notice to be necessary.
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Rare Bulldogs is a legal entity and has proper registration with all required State and Government entities. This includes Ficticous Name, Sales Tax Certificates, Local Business licenses, etc. FICTITIOUS NAME REGISTRATION

Florida Sales Tax Certificate #: 27-8012328944-2

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We are Always in good standing with The AKC
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