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Paid Waiting List 


1. Trenton M.-Lilac Girl English
2. LaAnthony D.-Merle Female English
3. Juilane J.-Merle Girl English
4. George M.-Chcoco Merle M EB
5. Brian H.-Boy Mini English any color
6. Glen S.-Chocolate Merle or Lilac Tri English Boy or Girl
7. Kendra P.-Blue, Lilac Merle MINI Girl English
8. Rodney B.-Blue or Chocolate Female English
9.  Crystal S.-Female EB
10. LuEllen C.- EB Choco or Lilac M or F
11. Joseph L.-EB M or F Merle Choco or Lilac
12. Monica R.-FB
Megan has chosen her baby. The list will be updated when the baby is delivered.

Please Submit the Form below if you would like to be added to our PAID WAITING LIST. This requires a Non-refundable $300 deposit.
How it Works
This list puts you in front of everyone on our regular Waiting List or the public for all AVAILABLE babies. You are only behind the customers that have joined this list ahead of you as noted above on the numbered list.

When we have litters born, you will be contacted via the info you give on the form as to whether you are interested in one of the available puppies or want to pass. You will have 24 hours to respond once you are contacted, so as not to hold up others who are waiting. You never lose your place in line if you pass, and will be moved up as others ahead of you choose their puppy.

Your deposit comes off the adoption fee and you get an additional $200 off the total Adoption Fee on babies that are not already discounted if you are on this list.
If you have questions, please call or e-mail us @ rarebulldogs@gmail.com   850-688-9925
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